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From The Founder...

    In 1998, an invitation to be part of a preaching team in Romania was given by Dr. Bob Ward of Tennessee. He was visiting a Monday meeting of our associational pastors. He listened as I had led a challenge of heart to help one of our own. After the meeting, Bob was given my phone number and he called. We agreed to pray and sincerely consider his invitation to preach in Romania.

    God used this pivotal moment to introduce my heart for His invitation to His work in Romania. After five mission team trips and resigning as pastor, I remained in Bristrita, Romania through most of 1999. Returning home in the fall, I became the founder of In His Grip Ministries, Inc., a 501c 3 non-profit organization to support my missionary life and ministry work in Romania.

    From that first mission trip of 1998, I found myself spiritually connected in the likeness of Barnabas when he entered into Antioch. (Acts 11:22-23) ".. He saw the evidence of the grace of God..." It is this kind of moment when the soil touched my soul that energized my life to  live out my Lord's calling in the mission field of Romania.

God bless you for your giving and until further notice, I remain. . .

In His Grip,
Rev. Doug Humphries
Missionary to Romania and America

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