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     Power Of The Gospel

      Motivated by love through Jesus Christ and God the Father, my life and ministry is planted in Romania.  This Christian love motivates and compels our ministry to take action by word and deed.  This compelling of the gospel ensures that we will faithfully serve by investing our lives among the Romanian poor and Roma (Gypsy) villagers by sharing our resources, strengthening those weaken by decades of hopelessness and continually proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

      The well observed eight years of ministry work among Roma (Gypsy) villages and Romanian poor provide meaningful answers to “What can we do to respond to the needs we see?”

      One of the reinforced cycles of poverty among Roma people is because they abandon education. For multi-generations, children of tender age beg in streets of any city in Romania. Additional influences of widespread discrimination and prejudice contribute and settle on the Romanian poor and Gypsy cultures. They grow up becoming disadvantaged adults creating another cycle of poverty into another generation of hopelessness.

      Because we have seen the joy on the faces of those who participated in youth summer programs, it became evident that we could respond to the needs of young children and families. We want to apply this brief summer youth program method into a yearly effort. To achieve this from the foundation of Christian energies, our facility must provide the dual applications of a church and youthful learning center.

       In doing so, we can build Christian relationships with families, ensure a solid foundation of learning for their children and help them succeed toward meaningful integration into their society. Our Christian relationship will stifle prejudice and discrimination. Our educational efforts among their children will prepare them to enter and remain in traditional public schools. We will begin this effort in Dudnestii Noi and what our ministry will do is:

fill the home with Christ through evangelization
fill the children with the love of Christ through education
fill their society with equipped citizens through integration

        This current, youthful generation has been given their roots by their families, we are asking you to help us give them their wings.

Gospel At Work

Our Christian caring among village families celebrate the Power of the Gospel by the evidence of changed lives.  Our practical principles of helping in Jesus name grow pale when compared to the new lives in Christ because of our being faithful laborers in   “. . . the fields white unto harvest. John 4:35-36

      To construct and complete our church in Dudnestii Noi that includes a learning center will serve dual purposes. This will be more than a generational work; it will be an eternal Kingdom work.


Gospel At Work - From Here To Eternity

For One Of The Least Of These
( Helping The Poor)
The Laborer Is Worthy
(Mentoring & Support)
A Precious Cornerstone
(Church Construction)


Gospel At Work - Dudnestii Noi

Click below to see our plans for this year:

To Prepare and Provide for them in caring ways that make a difference in their lives is the best kind of invitation.

 To provide meaningful influence that builds up the whole person.

 To replace overgrown silence with joyful sounds of praise and the excitement of learning will impact generations.



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Doug Humphries, Missionary / Preacher
Founder, In His Grip Ministries, Inc.



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