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     The Laborer Is Worthy
(Mentoring & Support)

   From 1998, my heart desired to financially aid pastors and help those desiring academic pursuits.  As In His Grip Ministries became capable of such helps, we eagerly and cheerfully gave from our support resources.  Praise the Lord.  Those not pictured who received financial assistance from us are: 

Pastors Not Pictured:
  Ciprian Tapu -  Elder and help to Pastor Clapa in Cristur
  Cornel Veres -  Pastor in the rural area of Cluj, Romania
  Francise Gego Elder missionary in GHEORGHENI
  Ioan Marcus Former Pastor in Bistrita

Students Not Pictured:
  Alec Tehas Student Science Major at University in Cluj
  Mani Pintican Translator and seminary student at Bare Mare  (Mani is now married and lives in
  Lili Muzar Nursing Medical College and University Cluj - Graduated

Brista Kindergarten Staff
(Florica, Alina, and Bete

Elder leader, Victor Ciugor Sarata Baptist Church

Pastor, Mahai Cabu during Baptismal service in Sarata

In His Grip Ministries Admin. Vasile Isaiu who is like my right arm

Vio Musteata, Graduate North Greenville University who was very helpful with our mission team work.

Pastor, Ioan Clapa with me in Cristur during church construction

Pastor, Ionut Marcus (now, he and his wife provide a Foster Home)

Mani Pintican, Translator and Seminary Student (Now lives in Mississippi)

Victor and Tica together in Sarata Baptist Church

Pastor, Tica Podea Sarata Baptist Church and Ville Teci

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