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2004 Mission Team
(Dulles Turn)

  In 2004, a turn around became a turning point. We learned how vulnerable mission teams can become during airline travel. Only one team member departed from a city other than Greenville, SC. Velinda Mascorro from New Orleans was the only team member to make it through to Cluj, Romania. The other team members missed their Dulles departure because of severe storms and returned to Greenville after a long stay in the Dulles airport. All were saddened by this outcome, but they all remained faithful to reassert their efforts in 2005.

  Velinda’s time with me in Bistrita proved to be a powerful experience for her. Easily, she made friends and filled her time visiting and sharing her own life with those in Bistrita and the Sarata village. Now, she is fulfilling her hope and planning to live on mission in one of the Latin countries of South America. What a turning point to a turn around!

  2004 Team Members were Rod and Ramona Lewis, Allan Clark, David and Janet Wright, Patrick Patterson, Linda Batson, Alec Williams, Libby Wooten, Sharon Felknor, Pastor Von Reynolds, Velinda Mascorro, April Garrett and Linda D. Taylor.



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