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2002 Mission Team

    2002 was our first year to welcome a mission team for a full ten days of work.  We provided a program for the children throughout the week with Bible lessons, scripture teaching and reinforced the teachings with activities and fun.  Libby Wooten led Bible Studies in Bistrita and the Sarata village.  It was a great experience for the team and our ministry in Sarata. 

The team members were:  Linda D. Taylors, Hirshil Hill, Alec Williams, Christie Vinson and daughter Janna, Libby Wooten and Vio Musteata.

Hershil Hill

Mission teams develop special bonds as they prepare and travel together.  The 2002 team is more than special because of Hirshil Hill.  Hirshil was an endearing and energetic man in his early 80ís who desired to make one more mission trip.  This is exactly what he did. 

Hershil was like a magnet drawing children and adults into his joyful and happy ways.  He led in our services in the two room house in Sarata.  He made the children laugh as he played the guitar and sang songs with them.  He was with us each day during our field events with the children.  In the evening services, he often played the old organ or his guitar and gave a loving witness about his faith. 

Funds for the windows and doors of the church were given in his name and we installed them while he was with us.  For us and our Sarata friends, Hirshil is more than a memory, he is a Memorial.  On his way home, Hirshil went to heaven from the Detroit International Airport.  We love Hirshil Hill.  

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