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Mission Team 2005


Mission Team 2005 gave us eight (8) returning members from the “turnaround team” of 2004.  I met them in Cluj and we were so glad to see each other.  We had a wonderful drive into Bistrita and each got into their rooms for a much needed rest. 

They were well prepared and filled with eagerness to work, enjoy the week and renew friendships in Bistrita and Sarata.  The youth program team provided an exciting week of Bible lessons, crafts and learning scriptures reinforced with activities and singing.  The village youth attended faithfully and participated with great interest while learning lessons of social and spiritual value. 

The men helped put many finishing touches to our construction needs.  Their efforts brought new energies, supplies and materials and very helpful building and carpentry skills.  They worked all week and enjoyed their renewed friendships among the Sarata church family.

Pastor Von Reynolds from Seneca Baptist Church, Seneca, SC provided spirit filled preaching each night.  Von is a great soloist and made our Romanian friends glee with joy as he sang “Amazing Grace” in their native language.  He was more than dynamic, as God used him during the week.  A dear friend of one of our translators gave her life to Jesus.  Joy filled the service. This new repenter in Christ now lives in Dublin, Ireland.  Our Sarata families of faith love Pastor Von and we hope he can come visit us again.   

2005 Mission Team members were David Wright, Alan Clark, Alec Williams, Linda Batson and April Garrett, Pastor Von Reynolds, Mac and Patty Lawton. 

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