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2003 Team Chronicles
Days 1-2

Written By Team Member Ramona Lewis

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On June 12th, 14 volunteer missionaries will gather at Easley First Baptist Church to begin their long two- day journey to a little gypsy village called Sarata in Romania.  Our mission… to share with the people there our personal knowledge of the love and grace of God that is found in Jesus Christ.  HELLO.  My name is Ramona Lewis and I am one of the 14. I will be reporting daily to this website of In His Grip Ministries from our location in Romania with news and information about all that is happening.  And we do anticipate an exciting and busy time as we work and play with the children of Sarata using a Vacation Bible School format; hopefully complete the construction of a church building there in the village, and conduct Bible Studies for the adults in the evenings.  I invite you to join us on our mission via the Internet and this journal.   I invoke your participation in our mission by way of intercessory prayer.  Pray that God will stretch us and bend us until we become the vessels He wants to use to accomplish all that He has planned for us and the gypsy people of Sarata.


Although the actual beginning of the journey is not for three weeks yet, our group has been busy making preparations for several months.  There is much to do…..planning, organizing, and then planning some more. Supplies have to be gathered, reservations for travel and accommodations made, personal provisions attended to (gotta have that passport and some one to feed the pets for two weeks), education about a different culture (sure don’t want to offend anyone) and most of all, spiritual preparedness.    

We are a diversified group, coming from four different churches, three different cities and varied backgrounds. But we share the common denominator of a desire to respond to the command

Christ gave His followers over two thousand years ago in Matthew 28:19. And that is to make disciples.

To my knowledge, He hasn’t recended that command or changed the requirements of the commission,

The first of which is “to go”.

JUNE 8, 2003  

WOW !  What a day this has been for the team.  You may remember the “A” Team from classic TV in days of yore?  Well, they don’t hold a candle to the “R” Team – R as in Romania.  Let me introduce you to them...  

Linda Batson, Taylors, SC will be helping in the children’s ministry.

Dianne Buie, Easley, SC is Minister to Children at Easley First Baptist Church and has coordinated the  planned activities of the Romanian children’s ministry.

Allen Clark, Easley, SC is a part of the construction team.

Sharon Felknor, Atlanta, GA., is a member of the team working with children. 

Mac and Patty Lawton, Easley, SC.  Mac will be primarily working in the construction project.  Patty will be working with the children .

Rodney Lewis, Easley, SC., is a part of the construction project team. He is also married to Ramona.

Ramona Lewis, Easley, SC. Will be teaching the Women’s Bible Study in Sarata , as well as reporting daily by way of this journal .

Patrick Patterson, Easley, SC will be working on the construction team.

Alec Williams, Greenville, SC. Is the “R” team leader and will be directing the Evangelism team. All of us are on that team.

Libby Wooten, Anderson, SC. Will be leading the Women’s Bible Study in Bistrita.

David and Janet Wright, Easley, SC.  Janet is on the children’s ministry team and David is on the construction team,.

Doug Humphries, Greenville, SC and Bistrita, Romania. Doug is the director and founder of  In His Grip Ministries and is in residence in Bistrita  now paving the way, crossing the “T’s and dotting the “I’s” so that we can hit the ground running on arrival.

About the day?  Well, it began for us as we came together in worship at First Baptist, Easley where Pastor John Adams led in a  powerful commissioning service for the missionaries.   He laid hands on each one of us as he prayed for us.   The church family stood in unity, vowing prayer support as we go, as well as the financial support they have already provided .[What a joy it is to be a part of a church who has a heart for missions!!] Then we adjourned to the home of Mac and Patty Lawton for lunch and fellowship before we returned to EFBC to begin packing our supplies. Do you know how much stuff it takes to do Vacation Bible School projects every day for a week for 250 – 300 kids? I can tell you---  A WHOLE LOT!! Not to mention the items to make up personal hygiene bags for each child. (soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc) But now it is all packed and ready to go on Thursday morning. And just working together on this today seemed to cement the bond between us, making us, not fourteen individuals, but one team of ordinary people with an extraordinary anticipation for what God has in store for us.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!  

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